How It Works?

You must be thinking: "What's the catch?". Skeptical? I'm not surprised, most of the people are. Because they just don't know how this works. I'll explain. Take a look at this chart first:

How It Works Chart
  1. You sign up to the Freebie Site & complete an offer for an Advertiser.
  2. The Advertiser pays the Freebie site commission (30£ - 40£) for bringing a customer to their site
  3. You refer other people to do the same.
  4. The Freebie site is paid even more from the Advertiser.
  5. The Freebie site uses this money to buy you your gift and keep the remaining money for profit.

You must be thinking:"Why would the Advertiser give money just to bring customers to their site?". Because they are usually very rich and they want to continue their business. But that's not the point. They use countless ways to direct customers to their site & try out whatever they offer, e.g Billboard advertising, radio ads, TV commercials, Magazines etc. They think you may like their service and continue using it, thus making you a Potential Customer.

You get your gift, the Freebie site makes a profit and the Advertiser gets a 'Potential Customer'. Everyone's happy!