Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this for real?
A: Yes. This has been proven by BBC and many people have already received thousands of pounds worth of gifts.

Q: Which countries are eligible?
A: Fortunately, FreebieJeebies is worldwide! But recently India & Philippines have been excluded due to increase in frauds from these 2 countries. Other than them, Everyone is eligible.

Q: What are the age restrictions?
A: There are no age restrictions. Even a kid can join!

Q: How many accounts can a person have?
To decrease fraud rates, only 1 account per household. But fortunately, Freebiejeebies have 10 subsites on which 1 person can have an account on!

Q: Which offers are recommended?
LoveFiLM, Intuit/Homestead, LittleBidTasty. Or do any one which seems interesting or useful to you.

Q: I can't complete an offer! What should I do?
That's a very common question. Forunately, there's a solution: Get 3 extra referrals. For example, A DS Lite Bundle requires 6 referrals, you can get 9 referrals and exchange the 3 for an offer completion.

Q: Do I have to complete an offer each time I get a gift
No. You only have to complete an offer once in one account.

Q: What will happen if I complete 2 offers in one account?
Nothing. You won't get an extra referral. But it would be better if you completed that offer on any other subsite.

Keep in Mind

You must never provide wrong information to FreebieJeebies or the Advertisers. Doing so may result in them send your gift to the fake address you provided and providing wrong information to the Advertisers may result in your offer cancellation.

Don't create multiple accounts and or a new account with your own referral link. This against their Terms of Use, they'll know and all your accounts will be put "on hold".



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